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New EP “Junk” available now.

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“I love it!!!” – Erin Dagbjört

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Munro’s fifth album is available for download.

You’re In Our World Now on sale March 20.

The fourth album for Best Policy Music.
“A Game” from You’re In Our World Now ©2021 Best Policy Music

Munro III available now from digital distributors and streaming sites.

The third album is out now.

It Comes and Goes out now!

Are you tired of all the same old rhymes (how many times do you need to hear “heart” rhymed with “apart”)? Heard enough of the overused device of matching opposites in a verse (you hear “laugh”, you know there’s going to be a “cry” coming up)? You won’t hear all the clichés in Munro’s music. You know that half the time / he doesn’t even try to rhyme. It’s not “pop”. It’s not inaccessibly weird. Maybe you’re sick of all the synthesizers and just want to hear some crunchy guitar music. He’s got that. It’s not the Foo Fighters, but it’s not Justin Timberlake either. Munro is a slightly quirky songwriter, a sort of blend of They Might Be Giants and Lou Reed. Mix in some Cure and TPOH. Most importantly (and harder to describe), he has his own sound, his own mix of instrumentation and vocal stylings, and his own unique inspirations. His songs have humor, but he doesn’t hit you over the head with it. The irony and cleverness is there for those who look for it, but it’s also easy to miss. He has a subtlety that says, “if you get it, cool, I hope you like it. If you don’t get it, I still hope you like it. 😉 ” This music is not meant to shock you, but it’s not meant to lull you either. It’s not over-produced, it’s not over-compressed, it’s not polished radio fodder. It’s real, honest, raw, and humble. Munro is a real guy, a working-class family man making music as a passion.

When the pandemic hit in early 2020, many musicians resorted to performances in their home studios and streaming them online. What choice did they have? Munro busted out the song list and spent five days recreating dozens of songs from his catalog in solo acoustic fashion. Here they are, with all their ups and downs.

Munro’s Live from the Office lockdown livestreams 2020

Backing track from Quist.

Some Covers

Car Songs

“Everything” from the album It Comes and Goes (2021).

Chocolate Zulu

Corduroy Lifejacket

Orange Cones

“Papaya (I’ll Thank You)” from the album 2020 Out (2020).