2020 Lockdown Live Streams

Day 5. The conclusion of my airing of the past. Going forward I will present bite-sized chunks of recent developments and covers and so on and so forth and what have you.

Day 5: Never Good Enough, Mr. Rabbit, It Comes and Goes, Afraid, Furry Vaughan, Cecilia Helena Payne, 3 Laws, Raise Those Daisies, Song to Dylan, Easy Valley, What Haven’t I Said? During Laundry, Mixed Up & Wonderful

Live from the Office Day 4

Day 4: Shaving Razor, Up From Here, Famous, I’ll Come Running, Capable, Signal, Beans, Margaret, Wanna Be, Allen H, Bikeway Narrows (Dragonfly), Happy, Scary Feeling, All I Don’t Have, Story Time, GBD, Last Night’s Song

Reduced to a half hour of Quarantine Special, I introduce two new “songs”. The quality is terrible for some reason. Sometimes it sounds like a cool effect. Other times it just sucks.

Day 3: Whittier Blvd, I Imagine So, CK1, Too Old to Die Young, Something In My Eye, Room 4 2, I Said… Forever’s Thinking, Stab Me

Day 2 of the 2020 COVID quarantine lockdown live stream.

Day 2: Not 4 Me, Less, Cut A Hole, Luckiest Man Alive, You Cannot Win, Hardcore Thumb, Tear Me Up, Miles of Regis, I Hope I Make You Happy, Electrocube, Everything, Ticket Man, Stacy, Perfect, Jenga

Here’s my hour-long quarantine special of original songs. Watch it in its entirety.

Day 1: Good Idea, Stunt, A Game, Garden in my Mind, Moon Song, Kind of Song, Freaky Blue, Minor Hero, Sound, Papaya, Nod, Superfluous, Dizzy, Fairy Tale