2020 Out Lyrics

2020 Out is Munro’s official debut album.

2020 Out from Best Policy Music


I tried for you my bravest stunt but you were acting like a… can’t you give me just one chance, the benefit of your doubt And I come out at the sound of you coming home It’s not the screaming when we’re there, it’s the dreaming when we’re not You do for me when you want to Outside of that it’s about… You don’t want to be my serf any more than I want to be yours And I come out at the sound of you coming home It’s not the screaming when we’re there it’s the dreaming when we’re not We both do it all the time Hypocrisy, yours and mine One thing we both have is time together to get it right

Raise Those Daisies
Raise those daisies, let me see your backyard garden You dropped something and here I am to help you pick it up I guess I’ll give it all up for you and me Just back that up right over here, we’ll wait and see I don’t know if it’s good or not but it’s going to be You make it easy for me to look ahead I used to want to be dead but now I want to be in bed with you instead So it’s like this anymore I’m not the way I was before You get my good side now We’re seeing how it’s working out I don’t know if it’s good or not but it’s going to be

It’s like a day without air There’s no wind in your hair ‘Cuz you’re not even there And no one else can feel you when you come into this world of mine And no one else can tell you how to shine It’s unnecessarily superfluous and redundant It’s so repetitive Oh oh There’s never enough light ‘cuz in the dark I might not do things just right And no one else can tell you how to shine It’s unnecessarily superfluous and redundant It’s so repetitive Oh oh

Papaya (I’ll Thank You)
Papaya, frozen moments in the bathtub underwater I like the way it sounds in here My body’s warming over, down the hatch, the war is over I’d feel good if I felt at all Look for my pills I’ll thank you any way you say Look for my friends, I beg you, any way anyway One more and now I’m settled, just one blanket, just one candle Just one more day to call my own And when the night is over If I wake up, starting over I’ll start again with one more try Look for my pills I’ll thank you any way you say Look for my friends I beg you any way anyway

Don’t Need a Dime
I can’t be a has-been ‘cuz I never was I peaked as the bassist in bands you never heard of I’m no one-hit wonder, that’s one more than I have I’m still waiting for my discovery I’m not washed up ‘cuz I never set sail, I’ve never been in past my knees I hope someday they at least say I failed, at least then they noticed me I’m 50 and waiting for my break to come For someone to believe in me I won’t give up just ‘cuz no one shows up I don’t need a dime to sing I hope for my sake I can be like Nick Drake, though I’m already too old to die young He never learned the success that he earned or how much people like what he’s done I’ll wait for the day when somebody will say that my offbeat style fits their need I’ll gladly surrender to their legal tender, but I won’t succumb to the greed

Fairy Tale
I asked for the hand of the sweetest in the land She stared frozen at me When she got control of her tongue once more this is what she said to me No one ever speaks to me she said No one dares get near to me No one’s ever asked me a question before to give me a chance to agree I asked her if she would come walk with me across the sand and the lawn She looked around and made not a sound And wondered what was going on No one’s ever invited me she said I’ve never walked but alone How do we do it, do I lead or do I follow And how do we know when we’re done? I took her to the shore and we talked some more She mostly listened and smiled With the sunrise I blinked my eyes and found I was alone all the while No one ever listens to me I guess No one was there at all Nobody walks with me, nobody cares But that was a long time ago

Kevin Dreams of the Moon
There was a dream that I flew to the moon Watch me streaking across the sky I rise as it flies, getting higher and I burst through the clouds with a sigh I see it from miles away I’m leaving my world in a way Reverse thrust to orbital velocity I glide on high above Earth’s satellite looking down on the airless terrain The Earth seems so small, not much more than a ball Yet all I recall it contains Don’t let this world get away I will return someday But right now I’ve got to touch down

Take me for example Drive me downtown Buy me cK1 Buy me speed and brown What do I see in the Earth sign? What do I see? What will I do with another Taurus? What will she do to me? Take me how you want me It’s always gonna haunt me Buy me tea and bread Bring it to my bed What do I see in the helpless? What do I need? What will I do with another memory? What will it do to me?

Garden in My Mind
I feel warm inside for once in my life I’m half awake, I’m half alive Don’t take this away from me I’ll go to bed when it suits me You ask too many questions and you take too many liberties And it’s much too loud Do you know how you sound And I’m much too proud to buckle down You laugh again It’s all your friends I’m half ashamed to be at this end The colors of the prism shine I’m in a garden in my mind The sun is falling down on me and you are nowhere to be seen

Ode to Bobby K.
I don’t really want to be writing this song It’s not like my words can right the wrong The five bullets have done their damage That nothing I say can repair He was my cousin, he was my friend He gave me some of the words on my skin We used to hike down by the riverside He was there, under the Purple Sky All he wanted was love But it eluded him Time and time again All he needed was someone to hold him Someone to care To always be there We listened to music, we shared some bowls We talked about whatever guys do We told each other about Our plans and our dreams  He moved to the Big Sky to be with his mom He tried to start fresh but his troubles came along Try as he might he couldn’t keep love alive Last time I saw him we shared one more bowl We showed off our pistols and his crossbow He told me the family disrespected him I put my hand on his shoulder as he cried in the car Troubles don’t leave us without leaving a scar He couldn’t see a way through The pain in his heart All he wanted was love But it eluded him Time and time again All he needed was someone to hold him Someone to care To always be there Now, two months later, I’m writing this song The family got COVID from his memoriam  I sit alone in my room  And for the first time I cry This is for Bobby, I said I’d be there Tell me your troubles, I really do care I see from the stories You died looking for love All he wanted was love But it eluded him Time and time again All he needed was someone to hold him Someone to care To always be there

The Jackal and the Sheep
It’s a lot to ask for To expect you to believe us You’ve prob’ly heard the story Of the lesser of two evils Here’s another version One you prob’ly haven’t heard At least not just like this Not exactly word for word There was a jackal Who liked to watch the lemurs He could look at them all day Running in the trees Along came a bighorn To where the jackal lay He said, “what are you doing, man? This is not okay” The jackal broke his gaze And he squinted in the sun And to the sheep he said “I’m not hurting anyone” He went back to watching The lemurs as they play The bighorn went and got more sheep To follow him that day The flock of sheep accosted him Telling him he crossed a line He said, “I’m just watching them. Look at them, they’re fine” But the sheep persisted Drove the jackal near berzerk He stood up and shook his mane And said, “here’s how this works” You can let me lie, gazing at the sky watch the lemurs fly, and we all survive Or else you say no, confine me to my home stewing there alone in a ‘no lemur’ zone “Look,” said the jackal With his elbow on his knee “Nevermind the continents And oceans in between “Lemurs are from Madagascar I’m from Africa You guys come from far away In North America “Even so, here’s how it goes: If I don’t get my fix I’m locked up in my den Dreaming dreadful tricks “Desire gets the best of me Until I break away Many lemurs die On that prophesied day “Think of it like pressure And a little bit of steam Is released as I watch The lemurs and I dream “Take away that release And pressure builds up strong ‘Til one day I blow Even if I know it’s wrong” The sheep, they wouldn’t hear of it And butted him away Locked him in his den and Stood guard there all day The next day it got quiet The sheep looked all around They saw each other’s faces But they didn’t hear a sound Suddenly the jackal Burst out from his door He killed the sheep standing there Then went and killed some more After he had killed All the sheep that he could find Blood was dripping from his jaws And murder left his mind He thought to himself As he watched the lemurs play “I guess I was wrong… Every lemur is O.K.”

Too Old to Die Young
Too old to die young I know I’m not afraid Death does wonders I wonder what it’ll do for me I once was sensitive but never depressed There’s no shortage of things to make life worse

Cecilia Helena Payne
Cecilia Helena Payne, born in nineteen hundred England Raised by her mom, went to Cambridge University They wouldn’t give her a degree because she was a woman So she got a fellowship to come to the USA Arthur Eddington’s voyage inspired her to study the stars And she earned Radcliffe’s first Astronomy Ph.D. Henry Norris Russell discouraged her from publishing her theory Then four years later he published it as his own Who knew hydrogen Was the most abundant thing? Cecilia Helena Payne, that’s who Cecilia met Sergei Gaposchkin in Germany in 1933 and they settled down in Lexington, Massachusetts She became agnostic after experimenting with prayer But that didn’t stop her from teaching in Sunday School Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin studied variable stars Her observations and analyses are still used today She and Sergei counted over three million of them And they were able to help map stellar evolution Cecilia became the first woman department head at Harvard She received many honors and awards for her contributions Including the Henry Norris Russel Lectureship in 1976

Song to Dylan
Hey, Bob Dylan, don’t you look now somebody else just wrote you a song He doesn’t know you, though he’s seen you around and he hasn’t been listening to you that long He’s walked down the sidewalks of far-reaching roads Many that you also walked on From Graceland to Venice to Paris and Berlin And he’s done things you’ve done He came once to see you, he paid to get in He bought a t-shirt and he brought a friend He couldn’t make out a thing that you said And the picture was smaller than life He can’t really say if the times, they have changed Some things are still wrong and some are okay He can’t believe the leaders we chose & they don’t say what he would say Mr. Bob Dylan, I’ve learned I was wrong I can’t pretend that I know you at all You’ve been telling us this all along But you never told it all This is a shout-out to people we’ve lost, who took themselves by their own hand Israel, Ryan, and Alistarr May we never know your pain Tell me, Bob Dylan, did you find your home? I thought I knew mine but where is it now? Is there such a thing, or is it just where we live? And I never feel that gone Listen, Bob Dylan, my girl wants to know Where have you been and where are you now? I see you’ve been on that Never Ending Tour And you haven’t settled down

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