About Munro

Munro Coutant is a songwriter and musician living in Whittier, California. 

Munro has nearly 40 years experience playing guitar and bass guitar, and is available for session work.

A perpetual student, Munro is studying music, improving his skills and working toward a degree. He has released five albums: 2020 Out (Dec. 2020), It Comes and Goes (Jan. 2021), Munro III (Feb. 2021), You’re In Our World Now (Mar. 2021) and wish talk (May 2021).

Munro has previously performed with Reverse, Orange Cones, Chocolate Zulu, Tx/Rx (Atlanta), Gitane Demone, 13 Knots and more.

Munro has been fully vaccinated for COVID-19, and is ready to schedule bookings.

For more information, or for collaboration talks, contact munrocoutant@gmail.com.