About Munro

Munro is a family man living in Whittier, California. He grew up in the California foothill community of Sierra Madre with two other generations of Coutants. His brother, Ivan X, is also a guitar player.

Munro plays the guitar, ukulele, piano, and whatever else.

“I’m a one-take kind of guy. I’ll run through a track a few times and play along with it, and then hit record. As long as I don’t mess up too bad, I keep the track. I don’t like to waste a lot of people’s time. Plus when I do the ‘Car Songs’ I literally only have a few minutes here and there, and I do what I can.

“I’m not a polished performer, either. I’m not set on precision. I’m usually kind of sloppy and I like that. It’s part of who I am.  I’m not a good singer, I know that. I mean, I don’t have a good voice, I don’t control it well, I don’t practice or exercise it. My playing is pretty good, compared to people who don’t really play. If I’m being honest, I think I’m as able a musician as your average professional. What I lack seems to be the interest in doing it over and over again until it’s perfect. I’d rather do it over and over again a little badly each time. Probably some deep-seated thing where I’m trying to not compete with others so I can lose on MY terms.

“Another thing is that I like the accidents. The happy accidents where I wind up liking something after hearing it a bunch of times because I kept the take with the screw-up, and it becomes a part – sometimes my favorite part – of the song.

“So I don’t have as much time as I wish I did to work on recording, and, especially with the guerilla-style recording that I often do (it’s the only app I’m paying for on my phone, and damnit, I’m gonna use it!), I don’t wind up making the music sound the way I envision it. It’s not how I want it to sound. In spite of how it might seem, I don’t want all my music to be done on ukulele with Hyundai and Clorox drums. I don’t aspire to be lo-fi. I wish I had samplers and sequencers and could do full-sounding music with heavy beats and bass and all that, I just don’t have the means. I don’t have the time and space I would need. I can’t set up an amp and microphones, or program beats, or even write. My responsibilities at home, not to mention the conditions, don’t allow me to focus, to block out the distractions and get into the headspace to create. My attention is desperately needed most of the time.

“So I come up with old songs a lot of the time, and I revive them. The chances I get to work on music are in the car, in the street, with a ukulele. So that’s how I work out the songs. And it’s usually the only instrument I have with me. When I do bring a guitar to work, I can add much fuller sounds to the recordings, but again, I can’t spend the time on it that I’d like to, and so the parts aren’t as worked out as they would be if I was practicing them with a band, playing them again and again, getting used to them. I wind up with sloppy-sounding, imperfect, deeply-flawed, poorly mixed tracks with terrible vocals. So what I’m saying is come listen to me. Be my fan.”

Munro has previously been in bands Orange Cones, Chocolate Zulu, 13 Knots and more.

His enjoyment of sitting in a warm car on his breaks from work is captured in part in the Car Songs playlist on YouTube.

Aliases include Adry 5, Adry Vændiskona, David DM Coutant, Daddy Munro and more.

He is currently working a day job and playing music for fun not profit wherever he’s welcome.

Links to original and cover songs.