All-New Music

If you’re like me, you might enjoy some of the instrumental selections of 0603526. No singing! Yep, the music is not too bad, and no vocals. So, there’s that. Even one with a synthesized orchestra. Interesting.

Lockdown looks good on me

I’m extremely excited. I’ve been able to get my home studio up and running again, and I have started recording this backlog of songs I’ve been wanting to put down, or have done very low-fi demos of. It’s also encouraging me to write more. I tend to not want to get too many things going…

New Songs (cuz I’m done with the old)

It took 5 days, a solid four and a half hours, to get through all the songs I was able to play. I still have lots more songs, as you can hear on, including the new one I just recorded, that I call “Don’t need a dime” which I wrote about my status as…

Still Going

We’ve got another night of performing in the office under our belt. Best Policy also dug up the old demo The Bottle Talking from the mid-’90s. The quality is really not good, but it was a time of exploration of melody and harmony, with very little exploration of keys and chord changes. Most of…

Live from the Office Day 3

Tonight’s live stream was messy. I used the same setup as last week but for some reason it recorded badly. That’s okay. Sometimes it makes for a cool effect. Next week I have plenty more material I haven’t gotten to yet. Feel free to request something from the catalog, even if I’ve played it already….