For most of the recordings I released between December 2020 and April 2021 (2020 Out, It Comes and Goes, III, You’re In Our World Now and wish talk, as well as the Let Them Grow b-sides) I used an Epiphone Les Paul. Of course, on a few songs I played acoustic guitar, which was usually…

Getting Back At It

I’m starting to put the studio back together, setting up the MIDI, installing the DAW on the new hard drive, and digging up more material. Hopefully I’ll have something to share in September.

Down time

I’m taking a little break from writing, recording, and making videos while I get my house in order. I will still be promoting and distributing my work in the mean time. Get your CD copy of 2020 Out while we still have some! Contact me for details.

2020 Out in 2021

My first album, 2020 Out, is coming out on CD next week. BPM ponied up the money to get the discs made, and have full-color jackets printed for the discs. These are the remixed, remastered, redone tracks after the initial release. The version of the album available online is the original mix, so the CD…

Hard Copy

Best Policy Music is in talks to release all 5 of my albums on CD this year. There has been much work done, recreating album covers, creating back covers, setting up content and metadata, and preparing the releases. No details yet on when, or how, exactly, they will be made available. Meanwhile, they’ve gone ahead…