Munro III Lyrics

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Munro III from Best Policy Music


Easy Valley
Take it easy Take it slow Take it anywhere you want it to go I’ll be waiting in Easy Valley Let me know when you want in Make it easy Make me proud Make me anyone in the crowd I’ll be waiting in Easy Valley Let me know when you want in Take me right now Take me home Take advantage But don’t leave me alone I’ll be waiting in Easy Valley Let me know when you want in

Bikeway Narrows (Dragonfly)
Have you ever had the skin peeled from your skull in mid-September? Is it like this every time you meet someone as far as you remember? Is it true that the weeds grow under your feet if you don’t keep moving? Are you okay there by yourself my little boozer? Bye bye Dragonfly Gotta get out of here while my shoes still work in sand Bye bye Dragonfly Gotta ride out of here while the streets still say I can Bye bye Dragonfly, bye bye Dragonfly Is that as fast as you can go? ‘Cuz you’re still in my way What will it take to get your ass up off this highway? Is it true that you didn’t take the time to come and get me? What was that thing that landed here just now and bit me?

Hardcore Thumb
I can’t pronounce that sound with my mouth It doesn’t bend that way Maybe you should stick around and sound it out while you’re out this way As long as you’re out this way Those are scars from however far I’ve gone to make a mark on me Sure it hurt but what is it worth if you can’t feel it and it doesn’t stay? You should go inside while you have the time You should get off your feet for at least a while You should go and see the Hardcore Thumb You should take a look at what he’s done Things are changing The world is sliding It’s hard to stand up straight anymore If you wanna be straight anymore Maybe you should hold it down My feet on the ground What that sound is for You should come around some more

I don’t really think that much about you anymore I fill my days with things A world to ignore But when it comes to thinking of things You’re the one I can better settle on Is it so bad a thing being my great one? It’s not too much to ask for you to hear me one day If it is just nod your head and I will know More than most things I want you to believe I wasn’t kidding what you meant to me I might be wrong but I didn’t ever lie With or without you I try Sometimes you come to mind for no reason at all And when I hear that name it’s yours and yours alone Can’t always say the right thing As you know alright When I had you I could fly

Freaky Blue
She shows up in Freaky Blue What am I supposed to do? Don’t let me get close to you I can’t have what I want to Everything’s gone away Everything has got to change Everything’s gone I can’t complain Good and bad it’s all the same She’s dancing outside my mind I can’t see her when I try I close my eyes and I go blind Out of sight is out of mind Everything’s gone I don’t make the world go around I don’t matter in this town I can’t make the sun go down I could swim but I’ll just drown

Cut a Hole
I can’t wake up There’s no sound in here at all It’s a vacuum I need something Something to fill the hole where you go Something uplifting If I could cut a hole and let out some of the emptiness I would open up Breathe it out There would be nothing left I’ve been learning to do some things for myself again But it’s not working I can’t remember when and what I need to do I just keep dreaming I feed myself all wrong I wash my things all wrong I stay up too late and I sleep too long I don’t get up I waste a lot of time doing that: not getting up I think of you I can’t think of anything else until I’m with you

During Laundry
The clock won’t stop, will it? Stop it if you can I’ve got a lot to do Was that for you? Tell me something Something Tell me something new You’re dressing like a doll It’s all it’s all it’s all it’s all it’s all that I can do For you

Miles of Regis
Boozy, pretty Patchwork berries On and on the tip of my tongue Rosa petals On you’re dancing You know where I come from Who is it whose eyes are magic? Who do I fall back into? The stars, they wanna be her And shine away There you are, the one I pictured To I’d sing my careful song Play and play and right beside me No one knows what’s going on Kept you waiting in the hallway I didn’t want to leave you alone Made me encore, take me from my Private hell, my prison cell

I woke up in the apartment I should have known this was coming I found salvation I can’t use this anymore I’m pretty sure her name was Stacy That’s all I really want anymore I think she said her name was Stacy as she was walking out the door I bought a ticket home I didn’t know where I was going I tried staying But nothing kept me off the floor I tried to think of something Something that meant she would stay I waited silently I sat there smiling by the door

Story Time
It makes sense not to wait too long I’ll have something else to do soon Come inside while you still can There’s someone out back who would like to meet you I won’t be far away when you need me I won’t be far It makes me feel undone When you won’t let me listen Come tell me everything Come and get me when it’s Story Time I won’t be far away when you need me I won’t be far

Let’s Start a Band
I said Let’s start a band I said That sounds good I said What are we doing it for? I said Will work for food I said What do you want me to play I said Don’t worry, I’ll play it I said How will we know if it’s good I said Don’t even say it I said Where will we play? I said What do you mean where? I said Music is for listening It doesn’t matter who’s there I said Just try and get the tune right I said Who are you to talk? I said If you don’t like it you can just pack my things and walk That’s when we broke up, such a sad sight to see It was worse than Paul and Art as far as catastrophe Now here I am on my own I turn to myself and say Let’s start a band

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