wish talk Lyrics

The fifth studio album from Munro Coutant.

Best Policy Music


Corvette Summer

Tear Me Up
I stood outside your door where I stood years before You’ll make me wait some more Tear me up the way you know I want you to Don’t give me room to breathe I wanna drown in you If it’s against the law let’s break it It’s not that Just come on by It’s gotten cold since then We’ve shed some blood and things My blood, your things I’ll come back to you again You’ll be glad by then

I Imagine So
Do fishermen have fish talk? Everybody’s got their slang I imagine so, I imagine so Do better men have wish talk? It’s all a plan Do people have a breaking point? Well, let’s find out I imagine so and I want you to know the time and know that I won’t hurt you Do tears ever stop working? Tell her that…

A Confession
Things were weird, you’re weird Hell, we’re all weird That’s why we got along I got too comfortable, didn’t care enough, thought it was ending That’s how we fell apart This is not a change of heart or a change of mind It’s not an awakening or a bid for redemption It’s a confession that I didn’t know what I did But I wouldn’t do it again

Minor Hero
I can’t do much, you know what they say About the mastery of a jack-of-all-trades I don’t have the answers and I can’t see all the shades a minor hero is still a hero Of what you have to choose from I may be nearly the best Of those that are close to you I’m closer than the rest It’s not with flying colors even if I pass your test If you don’t call around you won’t find someone better If you don’t compare I come off pretty good Don’t expect much and I can do it all

How many times have I learned this lesson? How many times and it won’t stick That’s okay, I won’t get hurt this time I’ll be sad and broken but it won’t hurt I can’t figure out why I feel dizzy lying down Is it elation or deflation? I can’t figure out what I’m doing here on the ground Going up or coming down I guess the last time wasn’t bad enough When it kills you it’s not all the way I’ve learned to live again, rehabilitated I’m back to leaning on it ’til it goes away Every day is a new trial Every hour, a new chance to lose I won’t quit just because of failure At least I have it ’til it goes I can say the word but I can’t say what it means I can only sort of tell you what it is to me It’s that thing that, when I wake up, makes me want to move It’s the meaning to my otherwise lifeless day

Learn to Let Live
What can I say? What can I write that says what I want? We should be saved We should unite Put love up front We’re just buying into their control When we fight each other instead of their laws We can fight for what we all want and learn to let live You want your guns We want our choice Who we are and make Instead of against We should fight for We’ll agree more We should fight for congressional term limits We should fight for lawmaker pay cuts Why should they have it all and make the laws for them? And let us starve and die in the streets

Last Night’s Song
I meant to write this song last night But I was just too sad He said he thought that I was gonna be mad He asked me, do I still love her? He doesn’t understand the drama He’s supposed to just infer from silence and move on and on I knew it was nothing She was just painting her room Everything is better now and better still soon I’m taking all the steps I wanted And things are better now She gave me her number And we’ve been out

He’s the One
The sun slides through a crack in the sky The street lights light, the windows shine With brushes the colors of neon signs he won’t be staying in tonight Day-glo fingertips point the way through the rings and jewelry He may not feel like much by day But put him in the night and see When the music fills his soul And the lights light up his eyes He can be anyone’s goal But he knows who will spend the night The sun slides through a crack in the sky The street lights douse, and home he drives His beaten car not as bad as it seems Going home with the man of his dreams Inside and upstairs Takes stock of his affairs Holds close the one he knows His full-body pillow and He’s the one who completes him He doesn’t need other men He can be everything he needs He’s the one who will spend the night

Synth Jam

But I’m Not
I’m proud of myself but I’m not I’m sure of myself I’m full of myself I’m done with myself I don’t like the way the guys are all wearing suits and I’m not I don’t like the way I can’t get enough sleep to be woken by the alarm clock

What Haven’t I Said?
The room is coming alive with vibes you left behind The firebomb is not for us It’s going off another time What haven’t I said? The modern ma’ams, keep seeing them but none of them stay long I catch it, I got it, I’m doing something wrong It’s closing it, it’s blowing out, It’s locked the door and left me no way out

All lyrics © 2021 David DM Coutant / Best Policy Music