You’re In Our World Now Lyrics

The fourth studio album from Munro Coutant.

Best Policy Music


Instrumental (dedicated to Josh Samuel Schwartz)

A Game
Let’s play a game, shall we? We’ll play it by my rules The deep end shallowly rises I’ll be the god and you’ll be the man and we’ll see what it’s like to be each other Man won’t want to be a god as soon as he sees what it’s like God would not have made a man if He could know what it was like So You’re in our world now and what do You see but people cheating each other? Take what You can and only give back what You have to and count it all at the end of the day It’s not that fun is it? At first the change is interesting but then You’re just out of place You want to go back now but I’m the god and I decide if You get what You want or not

If a tree falls in the woods And no one’s around to hear it Does it make a sound? Well that depends On what you consider sound Sound is a vibration on the air That’s picked up by the ear And perceived by the brain So if there’s not an ear What does the vibration mean? If it’s just a movement of the air until it hits an ear Well that’s one way to look at it But if that’s true Then there is no sound On any other planets That we can see No matter what falls down Cuz there’s never anyone around It does all the things to make it sound Except be perceived as sound But would it count If someone were to set up a tape recorder? If I sang this song and no one was here Would I make a sound? Well, I guess I would Cuz I’d be here, and I would hear If a tree falls in the woods And nobody’s there It still makes a sound Cuz there’s animals all around

You said “yes” and I am trying to find out What you meant by that I’ve got a paper bag with all my words inside I know this game, it’s called pretend you never Felt this way before Yeah, I remember meeting you when you knew me Listen to what I said when I said I would be your man And I Would sing a song to you Read this book, go down, look out because The bus, the buzz We’ll never be too high, too thin Too strong to know there’s always Something more You said “yes” and I am trying to find out What you meant by that Because the bus, the buzz, we’ll never be  Too high, too thin, too strong to know There’s always something more

I guess I can give up on fairness Now that I know the rules have changed I am not my father I’ve never seen him cry, but I cry It’s not that hard to close myself off To not let things get to me But that means closing off completely You don’t want me to save myself You like that chink in my armor That only you are thin enough to get through You get through Like Hanna climbing the wall You’re not supposed to but it’s okay One day we’ll put cups in the hole

Not 4 Me
Yeah I came from nowhere I’m closing doors behind me I didn’t want you To think that I’m not happy You can’t live in the past You can’t deny it either You can’t escape what happened It’s real but now is realer You pushed my buttons skillfully I hope you got what you wanted I don’t hold it against you But it’s not for me to worry about No, it’s not for me to worry about If I could change one thing Nothing would prob’ly change We had it pretty good But all good things must end If it had ended badly I wouldn’t be ranting madly I could shrug my shoulders And say “oh well”

If Wishes Had Weight
So far that I go every day for you Not a harsh word Glad I did what I could Ambition was never my specialty I’m free to dream and It seems the dreams are free I do what I do for you and for you I’d be so much less without I wouldn’t stay, prob’ly not be okay All the demons that whisper would shout There’s no “what if” ‘cause I  dug my own ditch I was down on my knees Problems I caused didn’t like who I was And I’d probably have some disease If this is saved then you saved me If I am doomed then I’m fooled ‘Cause I think I’m winning I’m making a killing Everything going just as it should I live for and because of you I couldn’t want something more I have reason to be happy I found it hard to find before I live because of and for you A force keeping me in motion If wishes had weight I’d have tons

Kind of Song
You never broke my heart You never left me crying in the dark You never made me regret Choosing to spend my life with you How am I supposed to write The beleaguered song of my life When you don’t keep me down Or give me something to complain about That’s just not the kind of song I sing You never left me high & dry You never forgot about me You never left me for a guy That I didn’t set you up with How am I supposed to write The song of heartache that’s my trade? When everything is beautiful The bed is warm and my heart is full That’s just not the kind of song I sing

Room 4 2 (explicit)
Oh man, what do I say? I’m fucking typical I tried to do it your way but I found what I wanted My life has got to change We weren’t going anywhere Telling you this way seems strange But I can’t stand your disappointment I did love you, I didn’t lie But there’s just room for 2 This doesn’t have to be goodbye I didn’t try to hurt you I had no idea this would happen I never tried to make you think something that I knew wasn’t true There’s something about you I’d like to hold on to Fire wouldn’t put out the fire But you won’t stop and I can’t go on

Make You Happy
Sometimes I make time stop so I can see you for a second sometimes my day is a flop cuz you’re not on my horizon If I could have anything we would have no responsibilities except to be with each other then I’d make time stop again I hope I make you happy not as happy as that but I understand I’m sorry I don’t make you happy all of the time You shine on me so bright that I can read by you and when you truly smile a weight is waved away from me If I could have anything we would have one more in our family and spend our days together then I’d make time stop again Sometimes I make time stop so I can look at you sometimes my day is shot cuz you’re not on my horizon If I could have anything it would be you and me across the world and me and you and junior too we’d take the world on

Floating Still
She rode a wave out of the day Time has come, take it away

Sometimes we have a choice in life. We find ourselves with an opportunity to choose to be a better person. But is not choosing to be a better person the same thing as choosing not to be a better person? If you’re conscious of the choice, as in, you’re at a crossroads of sorts, and you opt for the worse person route, then yes, that is choosing to not be a better person.

Scared how I feel, Why can’t this be real? You get to know me; stay a mystery

But what if it’s not that clear cut? What if you don’t recognize it as an opportunity? What if the choice comes by, and you’re not aware that you have the option, or that taking that option would make you a better person? Is that choosing to not be a better person? I don’t believe it is.

She’s floating still, and it’s my will To remember; find a reason

If you are at a standstill, and you can’t move forward until you make the choice, then you will choose to be the better person, or you will choose to not be the better person. If the opportunity does not present itself as an obstacle, and you are able to ignore it and carry on as you were, even if, perhaps, it is as a worse person, that is not necessarily making the choice to be the worse person, it’s just not not making the choice to be the better person.

Close the door, change the décor Change into others; we become more

The “crossroads” scenario plays out a lot more often in fiction than it does in real life. Just like how the movies and television let you know how you should feel about a scene with the music they use, or that something is funny by the laugh track, these things aren’t usually present in real life, and so the intended mood may escape you. A joke may fall flat and leave everyone feeling awkward because there is no laugh track. A sinister line spoken by someone with evil intentions may not be recognized as such because there is no minor-key, droning music bed behind it. Walking out into your back yard at night may not seem as spooky without the quiet, staccato, tension-building music to let you know there might be something to be afraid of. Standing at a crossroads without a woodwindy major dyad playing when you look down the “right” path makes it a lot less clear which road to take. On the other hand, sometimes the choice is clear. Sometimes you know damn well that you have a choice of being better or worse, and sometimes we choose worse. That is a clear case of choosing to not be a better person.

Moon, Mountains, Waterfalls

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